Monday, May 18, 2009


On the internet, moms refer to the blessed event of sleeping through the night as, STTN. When I see someone use this four letter 'word' (and trust me, it's a four letter word in my mind), I see it as some sort of mythological event. 

When the boys were born, they were obviously waking up every two hours, as all newborns do. This took awhile since there is two of them. Wake up, get bottles, get baby, re-swaddle, sit down and pump. Luckily for our sanity, around two and a half months old, they started to go for a longer stretch. After a bottle at midnight, they would sleep until six. I felt like a brand new woman. I stopped having delirious thoughts and random hallucinations. I also stopped getting confused in my sleepy state as to who was who. Life was good! I could do anything! (This is where I see a picture of myself with hands on my hips, cape flowing in the background as I stand on a hill crest)

Ahhh .... those were the good ole' days. Just a mere four weeks later they've decided they would prefer to not sleep. Why sleep when you can talk to mommy? They aren't even especially hungry, but every three hours or so they wake, gurgle and coo a bit, start to feign a cry, and won't stop until I come get them. I fix them their bottles wondering why they are suddenly torturing me. Bobby and I sit there, place the bottle to their mouths, and then they smile. They smile! They've tricked us; they aren't hungry. They're chatty! 

Now I'm definitely one for a good gossip, but come on! Two in the morning? Boys, let's do this at 9am. I'll even fix us coffee and get out donuts. My old standby trick of putting them in bed with us isn't even working. They don't want to just be in next to me, I have to be entertaining them. I am absolutely no good at this jester act so early in the morning. 

I've tried reasoning with them, but they just don't seem to care. 

I guess I should be flattered that not one, but two people want to talk to me around the clock. And I must confess, once they start talking I want to talk right back. 

I guess STTN will just have to wait ...


Lauren said...

Hi! I found your blog through twins magazine. Unfortunately, I have no advice for you as my identical twins are not here yet - due in October. I have a question though. How do you tell your babies apart? Can others tell them apart?

Tammy said...

Congrats on your twins! Luckily, my boys' heads are a bit different shape. Ben has a lumpy, bumpy head from birth and Kyle's is perfectly round. Once their heads get rounded out and their hair grows in .... well, then I'm just scared. Their faces are EXACTLY alike. Other people are getting better at telling them apart.

TJ said...

I found your blog from twinsmagazine message board too!

I think that's the one thing I'm not looking forward to: Not STTN again! It was so hard with my son, and I was 3 years younger. I'm still excited though!

Tammy said...

Congrats on your twins, TJ! (I'm a TJ, too) I'm a first time mom, so this has all been a complete whirlwind. I'll tell you though, my hormones must have kicked in once they were born because I wasn't too bothered by waking up every 2 hours! And I'm happy to report, that they ARE STTN now!